The Impact of Trained Staff on IT Project Success

Why should I include technical training as part of the plan and budget for an important IT project?

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IDC Reports: "Impact of Training on IT Project Success" [download]  [view]
IDC Whitepaper: "New Research Reveals Pivotal Role Of Training In Data Management Project Success: As Technology Advances Outstrip IT Skills, a Little Extra Training Delivers Vastly Disproportionate Benefits"  [view]
IDC Whitepaper: "The Value of Training the IT Organization" (2012) [view]  [pdf version]
CIO Digest: "Hidden Value of Technical Training: How an Ounce of IT Training Can Avoid Six-Figure Reactive Costs" [view] [pdf version]
IT Manager Daily: "IT training helps companies save money" (Dec 2012) [view]
IT Manager Daily: "93% of companies say their IT staff lacks key skills" (Mar 2012) [view]
IDC White Paper: "The Value of Proven Skills: The Impact of Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) on Enterprise IT Performance" (2007) [view]

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