Virtual Hands-On Training

Couchbase Virtual Training Room (VTR)

Couchbase now offers our standard hands-on lab-intensive enterprise training courses in classrooms across North America enhanced with our flexible virtual instruction and participation technology, called Virtual Training Room (VTR).

VTR enables multiple-site hands-on training at our equipped classrooms across the US, and enables you to train virtually from home or workplace:

  • Attend remotely from work or home, anywhere on earth, or at our fully equipped classrooms in 14 US cities
  • Equivalent engagement and learning experience to being in same physical classroom as Instructor
  • Class size limit of 16 students assures same level of instructor attention
  • No airport hassles or long travel to attend hands-on training
  • Lowers cost by eliminating travel and lodging
  • Reduces time away from work and family
  • More sessions available, in more cities
  • More classes “Guaranteed to Run”

Couchbase VTR uses state-of-the-art Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) capabilities to deliver all of the above and more at our select locations in North America and UK.

Next Generation Classroom - VTR is a unique, face-to-face experience that allows remote students to realize the benefits of the classroom for hands-on lab-based training – without having to travel. VTR transforms the traditional instructor-led training (ILT) classroom into a highly engaging "rich media" educational experience that ultimately gives the student an immersive, collaborative learning environment even when participating remotely. 

Dynamic telepresence - The instructor sees and hears all students clearly whether physically present or participating remotely. Remote participants clearly see and hear the instructor, all other students, videos, presentations, and can clearly identify the active speaker or presenter and the content being presented at all times.

Real-time collaboration - Immediate feedback from the instructor and real-time collaboration with other students – makes it easy for remote students to stay engaged.

Scales to your location and needs - Our robust, 2-way video platform gives us the ability to add remote participants to classroom sessions. A single participant can train from home or office, or a small or large group can take training at any of our classrooms in 14 major US cities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q What is Couchbase’s Virtual Training Room?
A Couchbase class enabled with Virtual Training Room is a live, synchronous training event in which the instructor conducts class for students in the same classroom and in other VTR-enabled classrooms, as well as remote participants. This is achieved through a powerful teleconferencing and video presence system, enabling all students to participate and learn and receive attention as if they were in the same physical classroom with instructor. 

Q How and when are VTR Events conducted or scheduled?
Selected Couchbase classes are conducted as VTR-enabled, allowing you to attend remotely or at one of 14 US locations for VTR participation. Each Couchbase VTR event is conducted in combination with a physical class taking place in a physical classroom in one of our locations. You get to experience the instructor and the rest of class much as you would in a real classroom. Everyone feels they are "really there" in class.

Q What are the Benefits of Couchbase’s Virtual Training Room?  
Couchbase’s Virtual Training Room (VTR) is first in its league, providing a hybrid learning approach that combines the power and flexibility of a virtual environment with live, classroom training. Couchbase VTR is collaborative, enabling participants from remote locations to experience all of the benefits of classroom learning as if they were physically present. The result is a training program that provides a vast reach and all of the learning benefits of live instruction.

Q How does Couchbase Virtual Training Room work? 
Couchbase VTR uses a powerful telepresence and collaboration platform that allows presenters to deliver the same live instruction, technical labs and digital content to both on-site and remote participants connected to the virtual environment. Instructors and participants can collaborate, discuss concepts and engage in hands-on lab exercises. Couchbase VTR technology supports the ability to share content and enables live, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools. The virtual session is initiated from a Couchbase VTR origination site which is a classroom with Instructor and participants. Additional participants connect via VTR from their office or personal computers, or from another fully-equipped VTR-enabled Couchbase training locations. Note: VTR is based on Zoom, however some Virtual classes may use other platforms such as GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Webex.

Q How do remote participants join a Virtual Class remotely?
Once enrolled in a Virtual Class session, participants receive an email informing them of their upcoming Virtual Training Room event, and providing a test link to make sure their platform can support the VTR event from their location. 

Q What are the technical requirements for remote participants to join Couchbase Virtual Training Room?
To participate successfully in a Couchbase TR event, remote user require a:

1. Computer or laptop (PC or Macintosh) connected to the internet (wired Ethernet recommended, where available)
2. USB headset (recommended); or speaker & microphone; or USB speakerphone
3. USB webcam (recommended); or laptop-integrated webcam
4. Couchbase Video Conference application installed onto their computer or laptop

Q How will I know if my setup will work well with VTR?
When you enroll in a Virtual Class event where your participation will be remote via VTR, you will be notified in advance and provided setup and validation instructions and an automated link. This process takes about 15 minutes and will validate your setup and network connection before class begins.
Please note: the first 15 to 30 minutes of class may involve connection and audio synchronization, participants having difficulty starting or joining. Please be aware these incidents are common with all virtual connection/collaboration platforms as they must work with many different browsers, OS, SaaS providers, and varying network speed. 

Q Do you guarantee satisfaction with Couchbase Training? What happens if something goes wrong during a VTR class, for example a disconnection or downtime? 
We guarantee your satisfaction with Couchbase Training. If at end of day 1 in any class via any format, you are unhappy and want to discontinue, you can un-enroll and you (or your company) will receive a full credit for the class. If at end of any class where you attended all elements and completed all labs, you feel you are still not confident or competent at the skills, you can re-take the entire class or the part that you feel you need to take again. Virtual Participation: if you followed all pre-class setup instructions for VTR or any Virtual class, and you experience >45 minute late start; OR subsequent downtime for more than a 20 minute segment; OR subsequent >30 minutes total downtime or connection difficulty, you can receive a complete re-take of any portion of the class or the entire class. Guarantee applies to the specific Participant and can only be used by that Participant to re-take a class.