Customer Testimonials

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Developers after taking CD220:

"This course was great - better than any I have taken from other vendors in the big data, hadoop and NoSQL space. If you were going to take only one hands-on course on NoSQL app development in your life, this would be the one."
      —Tony Duarte, JIT Consulting

"I work on Java development at Orbitz, building Java apps on Couchbase. We have many use-cases for Couchbase, for example as a data store and as a caching solution. I really liked 'getting our hands dirty' in the labs in this class. I have been through a lot of other technical training where there is a lot of talk, a lot of lecture, and you come out knowing only theoretical concepts. But here, I got a lot of real hands-on experience, and the course has given me great insight into internals, into the right frameworks for NoSQL applications, and how to write the apps for best performance."
      —Arunkumar Somasundaram, Sr. Java J2EE Developer, Orbitz

"Couchbase allows us to scale easily. We came a long way to attend Couchbase developer training. It’s been great because we are getting skills on real-world solutions in NoSQL, which helps us make the transition from apps for relational dbs to apps for document databases."
      —Jose Hidalgo, Sr. Developer, Wise Technology

"I have 10 years of development experience, in Java. I work on organic traffic and SEM traffic for Orbitz. We use Couchbase for page caches and datastores, for millions of pages and elements driven by our templates. It is quite complex and it must work without fail. That's why we use Couchbase. The best part of the course is definitely the labs. Theory is always good, but to come here, without all the distractions of work, and focus completely on Couchbase for three days, building a real application, this has really made the difference. I would definitely recommend Couchbase training to my colleagues and anyone else who needs to learn Couchbase, whether for developing apps or for server admin."
      —Heman Duraiswamy,  Sr. Web Architect, Orbitz

"Excellent class, designed to produce experienced NoSQL application developers. In the labs you get to build a true working codebase for a real-world NoSQL app, and take it home so you can refer to your work later."
      —Thomas O’Sullivan, Sr. Consultant, Prognosive

"Great training! Excellent instruction! Lots of hands-on labs to emphasize the concepts. This course has amazing breadth and depth for developers of next-gen apps."
      —Sujee Manyam, Principal, Elephant Scale

"I flew in from very far away to take this class in Chicago. In the training class we look at real-life problems in building NoSQL applications. The course was great, and what I learned will really help me when I get back to the company and work on client projects."
      —Gilmar Soto, Software Developer, Wise Technology

System Admins after taking CS300:

“I work for a part of EMC that builds cloud infrastructure for other teams and third parties. We collect all sorts of big data. Couchbase is one of the platforms we use. We have a pretty big Hadoop and HBase cluster that captures a lot of metrics. The goal for Couchbase is going to be to feed in metrics data over a certain period of time and write some views and do trending analysis over all this data. I thought the instructor was very good and on top of his game. The course materials and labs were very good, and I am sure I will use them for future reference over and over again. I will absolutely recommend this course to my colleagues. I have no doubt you will see further EMC personnel since Couchbase is going to become an integral part of our data infastructure.”
      —Jesus Orosco, Principal Application Developer at EMC

“I work for McAfee in the Linux operations team in Ireland, and traveled to Redwood City, CA for this course. We have settled on using Couchbase now, using Couchbase as a caching layer in between application servers and database servers. This class really adds to our capabilities. It’s very hands-on, the instructor is every good and obviously has very good access to the engineers. There are other people on the team who I will be recommending this course to.
      —Fergus O’Hea, Linux Systems Administrator, McAfee, Ireland

“I am based out of Bangalore and traveled here for this class. I am part of McAfee Linux operations group. We use Couchbase as a key value store. Couchbase has core enterprise features that we need. The instructor and training materials and labs are excellent, and the training facility was very good for learning.
      —Praveen Kumar, Principal Engineer, Cloud and Mobile Operations, McAfee, Bangalore, India

“I am a .NET developer, working on a new solution on NoSQL. Right now we are handling a lot of data and send it to hundreds of thousands of clients. I really like this hands-on training. The labs have us build a proof of concept of a real environment in production which is really great. For sure I will be recommending this course to others in my company.”
      —Gilmar Soto, Software Developer, Wise Technologies

“I work for EMC doing reporting and analytics, and dashboard setup. We are evaluating Couchbase for a couple of use cases in for the services we deliver. I liked the training, They really have done a good job with it. I like the way it’s set up. They have made sure that the documentation is really accurate and tells you everything that you will see. They give you the tools to evaluate the product and learn how to operate it. Yes very much will recommend this course to colleagues. I think they have done a great job.”
      —Andrew Hunter, Sr. Application Developer, EMC

“We are evaluating Couchbase Server. This training is really complete and great. The labs help you link the theory with real practice. I will be recommending this to others who don’t know about NoSQL database server as the course to take."
      —Daniel Hernandez, Systems Operator, Wise Technologies