Training Delivered at Your Company

On-site Training: Couchbase's standard 3-day or 4-day hands-on courses may be delivered at Customer-supplied suitably equipped training location, subject to availability and scheduling at Couchbase’s sole discretion, for up to a maximum of sixteen (16) Participants. Please contact Enterprise Sales at: SALES: +1-650-417-7500 (press 2) or via email at: training [at]

We can deliver any available Couchbase standard 3-day or 4-day course for a single flat fixed fee (same fee whether 3-day or 4-day) which includes the travel and expenses of Instructor at no extra charge, in Customer's suitably equipped facility anywhere on the Continent where Customer is headquartered.

Participants: Couchbase recommends on-site training when there are a minimum of ten (10) or more Participants all of whom require the same course and who all meet pre-requisites for the course. Maximum is sixteen (16) Participants, the recommended maximum for best learning conditions in hands-on technology training.

Additional Participants: Up to eight (8) extra Participants can be added for a per Participant surcharge, up to a maximum total of twenty four (24) Participants, provided Customer's training venue can accommodate this number. Above 16 Participants please be aware that engagement with Instructor may be reduced due to higher Participant/Instructor ratio.

Equipment and facility procurement: Customer provides suitably equipped training venue with fast internet access, open to hosted web services for labs. Customer is responsible for refreshments and lunch each day. Couchbase can procure Participant machines, virtual learning environments and suitable training venue from third parties at pass-thru cost.

Customization: our standard course offerings are designed to cover all required and critical skills for successful deployment and management of Couchbase Server and Couchbase NoSQL database application development. Our standard course offerings are guaranteed, because they are designed to provide additive, progressive learning and labs, and we know how they will perform for Customers. Custom course design and development will require additional fees. Customized courses are not subject to our Guarantee since they are non-standard one-time offerings. Certificate of Course Completion will only be issued if 90% of a standard course is completed. We don't recommend customization until and unless the technical staff have already taken our standard courses. 

Conversion of On-Site into Pre-Paid Class credits: Sometimes a Client orders an on-site training event and then has trouble scheduling it or finding a facility, or getting everyone ready to go through the training all at the same time. This is understandable. In such cases an On-Site training event can be converted into Pre-Paid Class credits of approximately equal value, which can be redeemed for open enrollment classes so that authorised Client personnel can enroll in and attend the class of their choice, when it suits them. Conversion once elected is irreversible.

Logistics and delivery date: no particular date can be guaranteed until purchase is completed. Once purchase is complete we endeavor to deliver at the soonest available timeframe that Couchbase and Customer can work out logistics. Normally requires 4 to 6 week's notice in advance of delivery date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, specific delivery date is dependent on Couchbase schedule and availability of resources.

Other terms and conditions apply. To discuss bringing Couchbase Learning Services offerings onsite please contact Enterprise Sales at: SALES: +1-650-417-7500 (press 2)