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This is a VIRTUAL location for your selected Couchbase hands-on class, enabled by our Virtual Training Room technology (VTR). VTR enables you to participate fully from your workplace or home, and experience the same engagement and interaction with instructor as if you were in the physical class. A class at this location usually starts at 9am GMT time, each day. You may enroll and attend this VIRTUAL class from any timezone you wish, provided you have internet access. You will be participating along with other remote participants and participants in the physical classroom.

VTR enables you to see and interact with all class members and the Instructor. For more information on VTR-enabled classes please see page on Virtual Training Room.

(If you live in or near a city where this class event is scheduled on this same desired date you can alternatively enroll and attend at in a Couchbase fully equipped classroom, enabled by VTR or attend at the classroom where the actual instructor is located.)

If you enroll in this virtual session you will receive a notice the week prior to class start with pre-class instructions to test and assure that your computer platform and network access will enable full class participation via VTR from your desired location.

Provided you attend the entire class and complete all labs, your enrollment and satisfaction with any Couchbase class, including our VTR-enabled class, is guaranteed.

Upcoming Classes

The following courses are offered to the public at this location.

For the list of courses that we can deliver at your own site, please see our full course offering.

Classes in bold are guaranteed to run!

Instructor Led Training Apr 2017 May 2017 Jun 2017 Jul 2017 Aug 2017
CD210 Couchbase NoSQL Data Modeling, Querying, and Tuning Using N1QL Apr 25 – Apr 27
May 30 – Jun 1
Aug 1 – Aug 3
CS300 Couchbase NoSQL Server Administration May 16 – May 19
Jun 13 – Jun 16
Jul 11 – Jul 14