Terms and Conditions

Enrollment and Payment: All Couchbase learning services (training classes, exams) are pre-paid. A Participant can attend a Couchbase class or exam only with a fully paid Confirmed Enrollment. By purchasing an Exam or Training Class you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions listed and linked below.

A. Terms and Conditions for Exams:

    1. You have read and agree to the Couchbase Certification Program policies and FAQ
    2. You have read and agreed to the Exam NDA
    3. If you PASS and are Certified, you agree to the Couchbase Certified Professional Program Terms and Conditions


B. Terms and Conditions for Training:

Credit Card: Enroll on the web site using one of the following Credit Cards to confirm your class: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Just select your desired course and click "Enroll Now".

Credit Cards are the only payment method accepted via the web. Using a valid Credit Card to enroll and complete payment provides immediate confirmed registration.

Credit Cards are the only payment method accepted for enrollment less than 15 days prior to start of class. Please bear in mind that Enrollment via valid Credit Card closes 2 hours prior to class start. If you are having difficulty enrolling please contact us via email enroll@couchbase.com

Other payment methods: can be accepted ONLY more than 15 days prior to start of class. Please CONTACT SALES: +1-650-417-7500 (press 2)

Payment by PO: can be accepted for enrollment only more than 15 days prior to start of class. Subject to approval by Couchbase. CONTACT SALES: +1-650-417-7500 (press 2)

Payment by check or wire transfer: these payment methods require a PO to be generated first, and can be accepted subject to receipt of payment by Couchbase within eight (8) business days after invoicing. Please do not mail or epay without receiving an invoice from Couchbase, and referencing the Invoice number on the check. Enrollments paid by check must be paid in full by the due date on the invoice that you receive from Couchbase. If payment is not received by the due date, the Enrollment will be canceled. Wire transfer instructions must be obtained before initiating wire transfer. CONTACT SALES: +1-650-417-7500 (press 2)

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Cancellation by Participant: Enrollment is fully refundable only if Couchbase receives notice of cancellation from Participant via email to enroll@couchbase.com 15 full calendar days or more prior to class start date.

Less than 15 full calendar days prior to class start: if Couchbase receives notification of cancellation via email to enroll@couchbase.com the amount refundable is reduced by 50% of the MSRP. Example: a class with MSRP of $2,995.00 is purchased Early Bird for $2,495.00 The Participant cancels with only 9 days notice. The Participant is eligible only for a refund of $1,002.50.  ($2,495.00 - $1,492.50 = $1,002.50)

No-show or less than 7 full days prior to class start: If a Participant does not attend a scheduled class session and Couchbase receives no prior notice of cancellation via email to enroll@couchbase.com (a "no-show"), or if Couchbase is notified less than 7 full days prior to class start, all payment for the class is forfeited. The Participant may not reschedule the session. 

Rescheduling by Participant:  More than 15 days prior to class start date: A Participant can reschedule his or her pre-paid class up to two (2) times, with no fees applicable, provided this is done at least 15 calendar days or less before start of class via email notice to enroll@couchbase.com. New class date must be chosen at the time of notice of desire to reschedule. A rescheduled class must be one of those available on the enrollment schedule. Less than 15 full calendar days before class start date: class may be rescheduled for a penalty of 50% of the price paid for the original class. Alternatively another individual may attend in Participant's place (ie Participant Substitution – see next item).

Participant substitutions: A different individual may attend the scheduled class as long as Couchbase is notified in advance via email email to enroll@couchbase.com not less than two (2) business days prior to the start date of the class.

Participant Attendance:

Participant is responsible for assessing Participants’ suitability for Couchbase training, meeting stated pre-requisites, and enrolling in the appropriate course(s), and for Participants’ attendance in the course(s) and completion of all learning elements including hands-on labs. Participants may be required to enter into individual training and/or certification agreements applicable to the Learning Services. Absence from class for more than 30 minutes voids our Guarantee of competence and confidence.

Intellectual Property:

All training products, materials, exams, solutions, methodologies, LMS software, or processes provided by Couchbase in connection with the Services and developed by Couchbase during the performance of the Services (collectively, the “Training IP”) are the sole property of Couchbase and are copyrighted by Couchbase unless otherwise indicated thereon. Training IP is only for use by Participant in a paid Confirmed Class, and is not for distribution and shall not be copied or transferred without the prior written consent of Couchbase. Training IP shall be deemed to be Couchbase’s confidential and proprietary information.

Special Accommodations Needs:

Customers with need for special accomodation should notify Couchbase of such needs a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to their desired class, by requesting their medical/rehabilitation professional fill out a Special Accommodations Form (SAF). Please click to download the SAF form. Your medical/rehabilitation professional can review the SAF, complete and sign it, scan/email or fax it back to the indicated contacts on the form. Couchbase will review your request and contact you about it.

Right of dismissal:

In order to maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, Couchbase, Inc. reserves the right to dismiss a participant from any Couchbase training event. A participant who harasses other participant(s) or Instructor(s) or who in Couchbase's sole judgment acts inappropriately or disruptively during class may be dismissed from the class or event and may not return to the premises. In case of such dismissal, Couchbase, Inc.'s liability will be limited to the refunding of any fees paid to Couchbase by participant or participant's organization in respect of the course and Couchbase, Inc. shall not be responsible for any consequential loss or inconvenience arising whatsoever.