Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is so special about Couchbase training. Give me five reasons why I should enroll in Couchbase's new hands-on training courses?

Five Reasons to Enroll:
    1) The most comprehensive NoSQL training in the industry: designed to get you confident and ready to deploy.
    2) Hands-on intensive labs are the backbone of the class: the best learning opportunity available.
    3) Based on real use-cases: your learning and new skills will be immediately relevant to real deployments.
    4) Best Practices drawn from 100s of actual deployments: the skills you build will be more reliable and dependable.
    5) The only program focused on mission-critical NoSQL: delivering the scalability, reliability and performance expected from Couchbase Server.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying: Customer Testimonials

2. How critical is a well-trained IT staff to the success of an important IT project?

The success of any IT project is strongly related to the skill and training of the technical staff responsible for the project.

This should be obvious but sometimes gets fuzzy in today's IT climate. In the Great Recession of 2008-2012 companies slashed training along with hiring. Such large numbers of skilled people were laid off that when companies began hiring them back in 2012 and 2013 they could mostly escape having to think about training since they were hiring already skilled people. However, in 2015 and beyond, training is back, and training is strategic. Big time!

For big data, cloud computing and next-gen database projects such as NoSQL, having the right skills is critical to project success. Anyone responsible for an IT project should put training front and center in their plan and strategy, to assure they, their team and the project deliver a big win. Couchbase training can help your team assure great results. But don't take our word for it. Please click here for links to independent studies that discuss the value of training to IT project success.

3. Can Couchbase customers succeed without formal training?

Yes. Our server platform is actually easy to use. It is more stable under load and substantially easier and more reliable to deploy and operate than other NoSQL server platforms. Couchbase Server can scale out so that operators can manage growth and change better than any other NoSQL server platform. These strengths are the among the main reasons our customers choose Couchbase for their mission-critical deployments in the first place. As deployments expand they start to need more formal hands-on training in-depth. (See next item.)

4. So why provide such in-depth hands-on training? Why is it needed?

We listen to our customers. As they build more projects on Couchbase they have asked us for more in-depth, intensive hands-on training for more members of their technical staff, both Developers and System Admins. They want to achieve faster time-to-market, reduce risk and enable their staff to support 2x to 10x the workload they might otherwise support if they were untrained.

As the market grows and the scale and scope of NoSQL deployments expands, there is already emerging a very pronounced demand for expanding highly skilled staff to support NoSQL application development and server operations. Enterprises want more of their people to have deep technical experience and flight-time on these new platforms before deployment. This is all to support mission-critical cloud computing for the Digital Economy. 

5. Why are Couchbase's courses longer than other courses in NoSQL?

Our courses go deeper and are much more intensive, in line with what our customers expect. Students spend far more time hands-on, actually building solutions in real-world lab exercises. Our courses cover actual enterprise use-cases, best practices and real operational issues, and require a greater level of activity and involvement from students. All of this in a structured learning environment, with the right mix of lecture, demos and hands-on flight time.

6. Is Couchbase training only good for people developing NoSQL apps for Couchbase Server?

We believe we have the best NoSQL training for both Developers and System Admins/Operators, at both conceptual and practical levels. If you take a Couchbase class you will be better able to understand, deploy and manage the capabilities and limitations of any NoSQL application base and server platform. In addition to being more capable at deploying and managing Couchbase solutions. 

7. What about pricing?

Couchbase hands-on courses are priced comparably on a cost-per-day basis with other hands-on skills training for Big Data and Cloud technologies including NoSQL, Hadoop, VMWare and Citrix. The pricing of these kinds of courses reflects the cost of developing and maintaining such offerings and delivering the learning environment which includes labs conducted via cloud-based instances of server clusters for each student during the labs.

8. Will there be certification?

Yes, Couchbase will launch a certification process and credential for system admins soon. We can't give specifics right now. For the moment only Couchbase internal technical staff and selected partners are being certified.

9. Is there be a way to take these new hands-on courses remotely, virtually?

Yes, Couchbase has launched Virtual Class enabled by our new VTR capability. Most of our USA timezone classes are now available as Virtual Class. Anyone can enroll and learn in English from anywhere on earth. Please see the class schedule here.

Couchbase Virtual Training Room (VTR) enables remote or virtual class delivery from equipped classrooms with the same level of engagement and hands-on structured lab time as being physically present in the classroom with the instructor.

Train from your home or workplace, or come in to one of our fully-equipped classroom facilities and take remote class. Often the best way to rapidly build real skills is to get release time from regular duties and actually physically remove yourself from regular workaday demands so you can attend and focus and learn in these intensive hands-on courses. Roll up your sleeves, close your email, turn off your mobile, and build real skills. You will not be disappointed. All our hands-on classes are guaranteed to deliver competence and confidence.

FAQs for Online Training Courses:

1. Are the online technical courses at the same skill level as the hands-on courses? 

Online technical courses are more basic and introductory than the hands-on classroom training. Hence they are numbered in the 1xx range, while our hands-on classes are numbered in the 2xx and 3xx ranges. Online courses are designed for those who prefer or need to train via self-paced methods, and provide the means to ramp up technical skills. Like any self-paced learning method they are entirely dependent on your learning style, level of effort and commitment. Some online courses are listed as pre-requisites or recommended in advance of taking the hands-on courses.

2. What are the Due Date and reminder emails I am receiving?

When you enroll in a course the premise is you should be able to complete it within 3 days, and we hope you will do so. Hence you will automatically receive the reminders. You can stay enrolled in the course for 60 days, after which point if you have not completed it we may un-enroll you. Please remember this is a free course offering and may be withdrawn or changed at any time.

3. Can I skip around in the course or do I have to complete it linearly?

You can skip forward in video segments, but you cannot skip quiz questions, so in effect you need to complete each lesson linearly. Your quizzes are scored, and cannot be re-taken (unless you retake the entire course). You get some "lifelines" to help you if you are stuck, and you can "earn" lifelines as you successfully answer quiz questions.

4. I seem to be experiencing errors or problems in viewing the course, what should I do?  

As with all video streaming, you may experience errors or delay/buffering. Please just wait 20 seconds, and then refresh the browser window, and see if that helps the video get started. Or go back and start from previous window. Video streaming of content can be affected by what else you have open, other download activity on your computer or others on your same network, available bandwidth and other factors. We have encoded video at a relatively high res for viewing fidelity. If you get a persistent error that prevents the video from being viewed, or any other type of error, or just a question on our online offerings, please take a screen capture/print screen, if possible, and send to online-train [at]

5. What happens if there are new releases or changes to an online course while I am still in middle of the course?

If a lesson or quiz or other content is updated while you are still taking the course, you may receive a notification and/or find that you still need to complete or repeat a quiz item. This is normal.

6. I have answered a quiz question but it won't progress to the next quiz question. It seems frozen. What's up?

Hint: this usually means you have not fully completed the answer(s)! For example, if a question asks, "Check all that are true" and you have checked 3 out of 5, it may be that additional answers are true and the quiz question is waiting for you to finish that quiz question. Thus, such situations can sometimes be a "hint" that you have not yet fully answered all the true or applicable responses.

7. Will I get a Certificate of Completion?

Yes, if you complete the entire course, all quizzes, and score at Intermediate or better, you will get an automagically generated Certificate of Completion emailed to you.