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CD220 Developing Couchbase NoSQL Applications

This course provides 3 days of progressive hands-on flight time building a working NoSQL web application in Java/RxJava. With a mix of instruction, demos and intensive programming labs, participants develop an actual Couchbase NoSQL app that reflects typical use-cases for scalable NoSQL databases operating across the cloud.  Download course description. 
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CD210 Couchbase NoSQL Data Modeling, Querying, and Tuning Using N1QL

A 3-day hands-on lab-intensive course on architecture and design of NoSQL data using N1QL. Instruction and exercises are focused on data modeling, query, storage and access for robust, scalable, high-performance NoSQL applications. Topics include: the N1QL query language (SQL for JSON), data modeling for NoSQL applications, indexes and views, and methods of application performance tuning for principal use cases. See Customer testimonials

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CX210 Couchbase Certified Application Developer - Certification EXAM

CX210 is a 2.5 hour hands-on performance-based live system certification exam on Couchbase NoSQL application development. CX210 tests critical skills and capabilities in designing and modeling JSON databases, use of N1QL query language to extract, update and modify data, and other skills for developers of NoSQL applications. Those who achieve a PASS on CX210 are certified as Couchbase Certified Application Developers and earn the rights and benefits thereon.

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