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Hands-on Training for Mission-Critical NoSQL 

High-performance deployments deserve high-caliber training. The fastest, most reliable way to build proven skills in advanced NoSQL apps and server operation is via expert instructor-led hands-on classroom training in a structured learning environment.

Available in classrooms worldwide and via Virtual Class, our hands-on, lab-intensive training courses are the best in the NoSQL world. Our performance-based approach builds proven skills that make your NoSQL database deployments smooth and successful, empowering you to leverage all that Couchbase 4.0 can do. Customer testimonials

Server System Admins, DBA's, Operations, Architects, DevOps:
CS300 Couchbase NoSQL Server Administration, 4 day - On the server side the need for “reference” skills and best practices for operating scalable NoSQL datacenter solutions is critical. When you deploy the world's most reliable, high performance memory-first NoSQL server for mission-critical workloads, you and your team want to be sure you have the skills and hands-on “flight time” to architect, deploy, configure, manage and operate these datacenter resources reliably. Learn to operate Couchbase Server to achieve Multi-Dimensional Scalability thereby maximizing productivity and performance from day one. Find CS300 Classes Now

Developers, Architects, DBA's, Data Engineers, Analysts, DevOps:
CD210 Couchbase NoSQL Data Modeling, Querying, and Tuning Using N1QL, 3 day - With the explosion of user-created data, IoT, and new data types in the digital economy, the ability to design scalable, cloud-ready JSON database applications that perform best with fast in-memory NoSQL server clusters is a skill in super high-demand. Providing a deep dive into data modeling and query with N1QL for JSON data, to leverage Couchbase 4.0 for high-performance application architecture, CD210 is bootcamp for the Couchbase data revolution. Find CD210 Classes Now

Mobile Application Developers - iOS or Android:
CD257 Developing Couchbase Mobile NoSQL Applications, 3 day - The world’s only course on mobile NoSQL apps. Couchbase Mobile is the only platform that enables you to natively achieve an "always on" data-driven mobile app. Learn to design and code a functioning mobile app using Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server 4.0, to sync NoSQL data across the cloud, connected or disconnected. Develop a working, always-syncing mobile NoSQL app for iOS or Android, with useful working code to take with you at end of class. Find CD257 Classes Now

Couchbase classroom training is 60% structured hands-on lab-based learning. Taught by NoSQL experts. Based on best practices derived from hundreds of successful mission-critical NoSQL server implementations. All hands-on classes are guaranteed to deliver competence and confidence.

Trusted training. From Couchbase.