Couchbase Learning Services

Hands-on Training for Mission-Critical NoSQL 

High-performance deployments deserve high-calibre training. The fastest, most reliable way to gain skills in advanced NoSQL application development and systems operation is via expert instruction with hands-on practical labs, in a structured learning environment.

Now available in open-enrollment classes in multiple cities, our lab-intensive training courses are the best in the NoSQL world, designed to build real proven skills that will help make your NoSQL database deployments smooth and successful. Read what customers are saying about Couchbase hands-on training: Customer testimonials

NoSQL Application Development - With the explosion of users and data in all segments of enterprise, web and mobile computing, the ability to build scalable, cloud-ready NoSQL database applications that take advantage of today’s high-performance NoSQL server clusters is a skill in super high-demand.

NoSQL Server Administration - On the server side, demand for “reference” skills based on best practices for key use-cases is even more critical. When you deploy the most reliable, high performance NoSQL server in the world for mission-critical workloads and use-cases, you and your team want to be sure you have sufficient skills and hands-on “flight time” to deploy, configure, manage and operate such datacenter resources skillfully, according to best practices, right from day one.

In Couchbase courses you will build real NoSQL apps designed for a high-performance NoSQL server, learn to deploy and scale out Couchbase server clusters, and manage their performance and operation.

Couchbase Reference Series courses are 60% structured hands-on lab-based learning. Taught by NoSQL experts. Based on best practices derived from hundreds of successful mission-critical NoSQL server implementations.

Trusted training. From Couchbase.